Paulina Mirabella has been a Licensed Esthetician for over 15 years. She attended Career Academy Esthetic School in Anaheim, CA and graduated in 2002. Paulina specializes in skin care through a variety of services, including facials, skin analysis, acne treatments, deep pore cleansing, Dermal Infusion (also know as Silk Peel), Coolsculpting, Cosmelan MD, and EndyMed skin tightening. She has knowledge of, clients consultations, one-on-one building a close relationship making certain that the customer feels relaxed and knowledgeable about their skin care needs, as well as the products used by various skin types. She puts customers minds at ease by staying on top of product interactions and the latest products and techniques for all skin types. She holds honest, genuinely helpful face-to-face discussions with clients. She is comfortable working in close physical proximity to the client in a private setting, and having physical contact with the client. Arm-hand steadiness, finger dexterity and clear vision are also skills in which she pertains. She is looking forward to meeting you and seeing you soon!